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Scientifique spécialisé en Bioinformatiques et Biologie Moléculaires. Spécialitées: NGS, Microarray, Analyse de Séquences, qPCR, programmation.
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I am an outsourcing provider of Custom Bioinformatics Services in the field of Life Sciences. I develop and design a broad range of bioinformatics software and services for both public and private laboratories in the context of the fundamental, industrial and clinical research.

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Dans les secteurs d'activités suivants:
Secteur Pharmaceutique, Secteur R&D, Santé Humaine.

Domaines de compétences:
Bioinformatique, Programmation, Biologie Moléculaire

Directions concernées par les interventions:
Direction R&D Direction informatique Direction Industrielle

Types d'interventions:
Design de modèles d'analyses de données biologiques, programmation de logiciels.

Formations suivies:
2004 : Formation « Management des ressources humaines » de la Chambre de Commerce & d’Industrie de Fougères.
1998: Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles (Lycée Bellevue, Lyon).

2006: Doctorat d’Université (Université de Rennes 1).
2002: Diplôme d’Études Approfondies en Génomique & Informatique (Université de Rennes 1).
2001: Diplôme d’Ingénieur en Biotechnologies de l’École Nationale Supérieure de Technologie des Biomolécules de Bordeaux (ENSTBB).


We are an outsourcing provider of Custom Bioinformatics Services and Molecular Biology Products in the field of Life Sciences. Our experts develop and design a broad range of bioinformatics software and services for both public and private laboratories in the context of the fundamental, industrial and clinical research. We think that best Bioinformatics services to provide to our customers are those that allow them to quickly offer innovative products to the market or solves complex tasks in academic research. Our Bioinformatics services are part of our research process,designed from the ground up to reduce the risks of failure. Discover a new bioinformatics research process and experience the ultimate upgrade in innovation.
Our strength is to provide Custom Bioinformatics Services on-demand. If you need a biocomputational scientist to perform a specific bioinformatics task, we are at your disposal to fulfill your needs. We gathers a panel of bioinformatics experts whose level of knowledge in life sciences research is unmatched. Thus, we offers a unique way to outsource your Bioinformatics research, ranging from punctual needs to ambitious research projects.
In addition to, our Bioinformatics Services extend into many areas, including analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data,Microarray, Mass Spec., SAGE, etc ... and could be extented on demand to your field of research. Our experts offer a wide range of custom analyses of Omics data (Transcriptomics, Genomics, Phenomics, Proteomics, RNomics, etc ...) ensuring you, an unparalleled quality assurance, optimum data analyses giving you the opportunity to transform your raw numeric data into high value-added results.
Our second strength is to provide quick Development and Deployment of Bioinformatics Software. Multiple solutions are offered to you, ranging from small scripts, micro-scale software to entreprise-wide software with your own specifications, graphic chart, etc ... The simpliest ways to get best software for your internal usage or for redistribution to your end customers, it is simply outsource their development to a team of software experts.
We have a leitmotiv "With iss, it's like having an expert in Bioinformatics in-house !", meaning that our services are performed according to your needs.
We offer,
All-in-one services.No dependency of an overloaded genomic service.No qualified scientists required to understand our results.Out-sourcing of complex tasks and development lead to reduce time and cost of product development.Experimented team of experts.So you can focus on the heart of your research with confidence. Upon request, our experts are always available for discussing of your project and will answer freely to your questions regarding our bioinformatics needs. As always, we offer more benefits to its customers, including customized analyses of their choice and to interact at any time with our experts in bioinformatics.


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Quelques références:
CNRS, Inserm, Institut Pasteur

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